Live & Local Thursdays

Join us every Thursday at Kiju's for an evening of live & local music! 

6pm - 9pm

Free Admission

A different local artist every week! 

Live and Local: Thursday Music Series at Kiju’s



Sept 28th

John Curtis Sampson

With a music career that has spanned over 20 years, John Curtis Sampson is known as one
of Cape Breton’s finest country crooners.  This multi-award winning artist will sing classic country
and holiday favorites all night long!

Oct 5 th
The Ayl Men

John Aylward and Joe Menchefski play fun tunes from Johnny Cash to
Radiohead - from Van Morrison to Death Cab for Cutie.

Oct 12 th
Cyril MacPhee

Growing up outside of St. Peter’s in a musical family, Cyril MacPhee was
immersed in Cape Breton ceilidhs and heavily influenced by his father’s
Scottish and Irish fiddling, country and bluegrass music, and folk singers
like Stan Rogers. His varied musical influences—from the Beatles to
Harry Hibbs—shows in his songwriting and musical style, a truly unique
blend of folk, country and Celtic music. Over the past 20 years, Cyril has
performed for audiences throughout Canada, the US and in Scotland
and Ireland. Cyril has released five albums, three with the popular
power-folk group Brakin' Tradition and two as a solo artist.

Oct 19 th
Stuart MacDonald

Oct 26 th
Buddy MacDonald

Buddy MacDonald, from the North Shore of Cape Breton, has been a
singer/songwriter and entertainer for over thirty years. Over the years
he has travelled and entertained audiences throughout Canada, the
United States, Germany, Scotland and the Scandinavian countries,.
Buddy's songs have been performed and recorded by artists
throughout the country. Buddy continues to tour. Whether in a small
country hall, pub, festival or concert theatre, his love of writing, singing
and entertaining comes across to bridge the gap between performer
and listener.

Nov 2nd
Jason Kempt

Having gotten his fingers on his grandmother’s piano at the age of
three, Jason doesn’t remember life without music. He has traveled the
world with piano in tow, and has written, directed and performed in
shows throughout the Maritimes. He has been a staple entertainer at
Louisbourg Playhouse for 21 years, keyboardist for local favourite
Kintyre for 19 years, and has a solo cd to his credit – “Live at Telegraph
House”. Jason is excited to be part of Kiju’s Live and Local series.

Nov 9 th
Jordan Musycsyn

Jordan is a hard working singer/songwriter, is a masterful storyteller
writing songs about life and love with pathos and humour in a Folk-
Country style. He sustains a busy touring schedule throughout Canada
in support of his sophomore album ‘Old State Of Mind’. Drawing on his
own life experiences he writes relatable songs of love, loss and the
human condition. A dynamic performer, Jordan moves the audience
from laughter to tears and back again.

Nov 16 th
Murray & Keith

Both are from the local area with mostly an Irish/Tradition, Pub Sound.
This Duo provides great energy to their songs. Murray Reid sings vocals
with a great passion while playing guitar. Keith Burchell keeps the
bottom end in place with the bass for anyone who likes to dance or tap
their feet. Murray & Keith have been playing their sound together for
about 2 years now and they keep winning their audiences over.

Nov 23 rd
Tom Mills

Tom Mills is a singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Cape
Breton who has been involved in the local music scene for over 30+
years. He is actively writing, recording, and playing various pubs, private
shows, and festivals around the Maritimes and has just released a self-
titled open-tuning instrumental Celtic Style CD for guitar in 2017
entitled “Full Strings Ahead“.

Nov 30 th
Richard Schaller

Richard is a Sydney-based singer/songwriter and is a popular performer
around live music venues here in CBRM. Richard formed his band Rising
Waters a few years back and they were an alt-rock/heavy rock band.
Richard has modified his song writing to include more folk/country material.





October 19, 2017, 6:00 pm